Kefalonia's Beaches



Nearby Mounda, Kaminia and Poros beaches provide lovely alternatives to Skala’s beaches, if you would like to try other areas for sunbathing and swimming in the sea.

Both Mounda and Kaminia are sandy beaches, where you can walk or run along the sand for 2 miles (3Km) in either direction. At Mounda and Kaminia, there are some sun-loungers and umbrellas for hire along with a fantastic taverna, tucked just up the hill called Anemos, serving fresh fish and local specialties that we highly recommend.

During certain times of the year, some areas of Mounda beach are protected due to the breading and spawning of the rare Loggerhead Turtle. Guests are advised that it is a legal offense to disturb the turtles and we ask that you respect any fenced off areas and signs indicating natural habitat activity and not interfere with any turtles or their offspring during the laying/hatching season.


Poros’ beaches, to the south of Skala, provide some dramatic areas to swim out to “mushroom” rock points in an area that overlooks the Peloponnese Peninsula and Ithaca. While there are no resort amenities here so you will need to bring your own beach umbrella, a bottle of water and parking is on a “first come” basis along the road, the majestic rock points are worthy of a visit if only to take in their beauty on the way to Poros.

On the way to Poros town, you will find the ferry port that provides transportation to and from the Peloponnese port of Kyllini and, during certain times, the island of Zakynthos. Just before the right-hand bend turning into the port area, there is a memorial to the British submarine HMS Perseus, which was hit by an Italian land mine in November 1941. This submarine is the source of a story surrounding a mysterious survivor, a Navy stoker named John Capes, who inexplicably survived and was found unconscious by fishermen near the shore the following day, having survived ascending some 250 feet underwater without proper equipment. While the Capes story has been questioned and discounted by some, there is no doubt that the British submarine sunk in the waters near Poros where it sits on the seafloor.

In Poros town, you will find several small locally owned markets, including two fruit-veg shops and a brand-new butcher shop with delicatessen, which offer Kefalonian specialties and produce. There are also several tavernas serving fresh fish and café/bars that serve all day in a lovely provincial port atmosphere. There are a dentist and chemist shop in the area, as well.



Near the village of Karavados, on the southeast part of the island, the beach is a small, secluded bay with two beachy outcrops. There is good snorkeling here, with lots of little fish swimming around. Bring some crumbled bread with you and watch the fish come to the surface to snap up the food.


Antisamos beach is located roughly 25km east of Argostoli, near to the port of Sami. It is a large cove, nestled in below the green hillside full of verdant vegetation and rockery. This sandy beach, is well appointed with amenities, is renown as the beach used in Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and is quite popular with sunbathers and movie lovers alike.


Near to Skala is the neighbouring resort spot of Katelios – just off the main road, after Mounda and Kaminia beaches – which has a lovely harbour frequented by flotilla sailing boats, sandy beach and a stretch of tavernas and bars. There is sun-bed and umbrella hire and plenty of accessible parking.


Signposted from the main Argostoli-Poros road, situated in the village of Lourdas, this sandy beach on Kefalonia’s west coast is near local tavernas and beach shops. Like Trapezaki Beach, Lourdata Beach boasts a fabulous view of Zakynthos and, inland, toward Mount Einos. It is a good spot for getting the most sun out of your day because the beach has late afternoon into the early evening sun.


Also situated on the west coast of the island near Lixouri, Petani beach is considered a favorited amongst snorkel and scuba divers. The road leading to the beach, which is somewhat steeply switch-backed, has spectacular views overlooking the majestic coastline. While there are a couple of tavernas and some sun-bed hire during high season, it’s best to be prepared and bring lunch, water, and an umbrella so you can enjoy the lovely location even when the local amenities shut for the season.


Near the northwest resort of Lassi, between the airport and the capital Argostoli lies two very popular sandy beaches, which boast all amenities, including bars, tavernas, water sports, and sunbed hire. These beaches can be quite busy during high season as most Lassi guests tend to congregate to these well-appointed beaches.


Located about 30km north of Argostoli, in a beautiful area surrounded by large tree-filled hills, Myrtos is one of Kefalonia’s most photographed spots and has gained worldwide attention for being one of Greece’s best beaches. The approach from above offers stunning views of the beach, which is sandy and crescent, shaped, with a shallow shore. It’s a great place to watch the sunset and Myrtos has all the amenities from sunbeds and umbrellas to a snack bar while you’re there. Parking can be a bit challenging so go early or be prepared to walk a bit as spots near the beach become rarer as the day goes on!


Between Lourdata and the airport, near the village of Mousata, is the lovely long sandy beach of Trapezaki. Sign-posted from the main Argostoli-Poros road, simply follow the signs. There are amenities available during high season, including a beachfront taverna. The beach boasts a fabulous view of Zakynthos and, inland, toward Mount Einos.


Finally, this clay sand beach to the south of Lixouri is a mixture of red sand and green clay. Among other things, the beach is popular with beauty enthusiasts for the “spa” qualities of the green clay. It is said that if you smooth when wet onto your skin, allow to dry, and then rinse off the dried clay, it is meant to gently exfoliate the skin while infusing an herbal and minerals into to the skin. Obviously, it goes without saying that if you have any skin sensitivities we would suggest you avoid trying this and be sure to reapply your sunscreen once you’ve had your spa treatment!