Villa Eros Old Skala Road, Old Skala, Kefalonia, Skala, Greece


Nearest beach: 5 km

Nearest restaurant: 1.5 km

Nearest bar/pub: 1.5 km

Driving Directions to Villa Eros, Old Skala, Kefalonia

Please set your “trip meter” to “0” at the gates exiting the airport. All distances given are measured from this point. If you think that your vehicle might require petrol before you set off from the airport, there is a “REVOIL” petrol station 300 metres away from the exit gates of the airport on the right-hand side.

0km Follow the road out of the airport gates and up the road.

0.7km T- junction. Turn LEFT, then immediately RIGHT up a short, narrow lane. Follow the small green & yellow sign to “Felix Residence”. At the STOP sign is another T-junction, turn RIGHT and continue up the hill.

1.3km On your left you will see a high beige coloured wall and on the right, a curved traffic mirror – at the mirror, turn LEFT, signposted “Lakithra”. Continue up the hill. (Please note that the road is quite steep and you may need to turn off the air-conditioning in your car temporarily to give the engine more power).

1.7km At the stop sign, turn LEFT.

1.9km At the top of the hill, you will come to a T-junction with a restaurant called OBELIX on the right hand side. Turn RIGHT here onto the main road and continue through the village of Lakithra, straight on for approximately 2km.

3.4km Crossroads, continue straight over.

4.3km Crossroads, continue straight over.

4.6km Crossroads, just by the FIAT DEALER on the right-hand side, continue straight over. The road you are on leads towards the village of Peratata which is clearly visible in front of you, with St.George’s castle on the hill ahead.

5.4km T-Junction. Turn RIGHT sign posted to “Poros”. You are now on the main road that links the south coast towns & villages from Poros to the capital Argostoli.

5.7km Pass through the village of Peratata. You will need to continue on this road for approximately 22kms. You will pass through a series of villages in this order: “Karuza”, 2

10.8km “Trapezaki” – Caution - the road narrows to one carriage-way momentarily, to allow for a particular style of “Greek Junction” continue straight along the coast road, passing through:

“Moussata”, “Vlachata” & “Simotata”.

20.0km You are now passing through “Platies”, the road will split shortly, prepare to take the right-hand fork.

20.2km Fork right, following the blue sign to “SKALA – 13km”, passing through the villages of: “Valeriano” & “Chionata”.

24.5km The road begins to wind downhill and is quite steep in places with hair-pin bends, as it heads towards “Katelios”.

27.2km There is a sharp left-hand bend, at the junction for “Katelios”. Follow the main road round to the left, signposted “Ratzakli” and “Skala”.

27.5km The road begins to climb uphill and is quite steep in places with hair-pin bends, as it heads towards “Ratzakli”.

29.6km You are in the village of “Ratzakli”. Prepare to turn left shortly.

30.6km Turn left, sign-posted to “Spathi” /”Asprogerakas”/”Fanies”. This left turn is on a right-hand bend, with a small café/bar & mini-market on the corner called “Femina” & the road is quite narrow. There is also a yellow post box on the corner.

Continue on this tarmac road for nearly 2kms, gently winding uphill through residential and rural areas.

32.4km Road Junction – signed Fanies/Poros to the right – TURN RIGHT, then immediately TURN RIGHT again making almost a “U”- turn in front of an old tin shed onto a narrow tarmac road. Follow the green & gold sign-post, now on your right to “Scala”, “Old Scala”, “Taverna”, “Tennis Court”.

33.3km The road narrows on a left-hand bend and splits. Take the left-hand fork uphill. Follow the green & gold sign-post, now on the corner on your right to “Markantoni”, “Mirtero”, “Vretzagata”, “Taverna”.

33.4km Pass the Old Skala Taverna on your right-hand side and keep going along the narrow track which is now becomes concrete. Follow the green & gold sign-post, to “Amphitheatre”. 3

33.8km Pass the tennis court & amphitheatre on your right-hand side & keep following the concrete track as it winds uphill.

34.3km Keep straight on, past a turning on your left, following the green & gold sign to “Mirtero”. You will start to see a group of villas ahead, on the left hand side. Prepare to count the driveways on the left that you pass.

34.8km The road forks, bear left.

35.1km Villa Eros is the EIGTH driveway on your left. Turn left, through the entrance gates into the driveway.

Total distance from the airport: 35.1kms.